Odoo's CRM

Odoo's CRM features assist the sale team to track leads and opportunities, plan the meeting, follow up phone calls, run marketing campaign to improve sales performance.

Features :
Track leads and opportunities
Follow Quotations & Sales Orders
Plan meeting and phone calls
Marketing campaigns
Analysis of performance
Outlook and Thunderbird plugins
Real-time statistics

Odoo ensures that all cases are successfully tracked by users, customers and suppliers. It can automatically send reminders, escalate the request, trigger specific methods and lots of other actions based on your own enterprise rules.
The greatest thing about this system is that users don't need to do anything special. They can just send email to the request tracker. Odoo will take care of thanking them for their message, automatically routing it to the appropriate staff, and make sure all future correspondence gets to the right place.

The CRM module has a email gateway for the synchronisation interface between mails and Odoo.
Creates a dashboard for CRM that includes:
Opportunities by Categories (graph)
Opportunities by Stage (graph)
Planned Revenue by Stage and User (graph)