Integrate Odoo with your business.

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Odoo Integration

The objective of Odoo integration is to help you to automate your activities in order to facilitate your intern communication and to be more efficient. 

Why implementing Odoo integration?
The advantages to this integration are multiples: Optimization of your management process, standardization and centralization of the information, improvement of the organization, good management of the cost…Moreover, you take advantage from Open software what means you don't meet the license cost.
Then, the Odoo development is based on a modular system composed by more than 1,000 modules at your service. Consequently, in this perspective you are not obliged to make a full integration but you are able to integrate Odoo step by step.
Frontware advises you to install firstly the minimum that you need, as a general rule, only the accounting and the sale management or CRM, and then to install the next functionalities.
At Frontware we take time to define the best integration for each company. Our priority is to support you from the beginning to the end by evaluating your needs and customizing your Odoo application.

How do we proceed?

In order to understand your needs and to deliver you the best solution, we follow a very specific methodology that will give you the best chance to get a great ERP integration.       The methodology we follow is based on Odoo recommended methodology, it's used by almost every Odoo partners.