Odoo Methodology

Odoo process by   Odoo by Frontware   

To guarantee the customers a good understanding of their needs and the best integration, Odoo by Frontware has implemented a precise customer process to follow.

The process is divided into 6 phases, illustrated by the time line bellow:

1. First meeting

The first meeting is planned to introduce our company and to learn more about the business and the organization of the customer.
The steps of this meeting are:

Meeting between Odoo by Frontware and the key managers.

Presentation of the customer > listen, 10 mins.

Presentation of Odoo by Frontware and the Odoo solution, 10 mins.

Questions to the customers about his business and needs by using MindMap, 20 mins.

The Odoo by Frontware team summarizes the meeting report (the pre-analysis proposal).

This step is FREE of charge. 

2. Interview session by department

Meeting between Odoo by Frontware and the key managers of each department: 2 days.

Interview session by department, 2 hours/session.

Analysis of business requirements by the Odoo by Frontware team, 3 days as a rough guide.

Presentation of an estimated budget.


At this step, it's not free and will be invoiced in function of your needs.

Validation from the customer 

At the end of this step the customer can refuse or accept to continue the next step of the process: the analysis.

This analysis will be charged, the amount depends on the project.


3. The analysis phase

Analyze business processes and design 5 days as a rough guide

Design screen, workflow design, report design


Validation from the customer

At the end of this step, Odoo by Frontware will suggest you a solution and a design that will match with the customer's needs. But the customer still has the right to stop or continue the process. If the customer decides to continues, the negotiation starts to fix the price and the running time.

Odoo by Frontware wants to meet the customer expectation and more clarity, that's why we integrate a specific step of negotiation.

At the end of this step, if there is the acceptation from the customer, the deal will be closed and the integration of the Odoo will start.

4. Integration

Implement the solution

Customer checking

The price of the integration of each module will include the deployment price.

5. Deployment

Installation of the Odoo at the customer office

Launching of the production


Customer assistance

The integration and the deployment will be done step by step that means all the modules will not be integrated at the same time.

For example, we will start by integrating the accounting module and then we will deploy it. After that, we will integrate and deploy another module.

6. Support

Technical and functional support

Fix the potential bugs