Marketing Campaigns 

Odoo offers a set of modules allowing you to easily create and track your Marketing Campaigns. With the Marketing application, you define your direct marketing campaigns, allowing you to automate your lead communication. You can install the module through the Reconfigure wizard, then select Marketing.

The campaigns are dynamic and multi-channels. The process is as follows :
Design marketing campaigns like workflows, including email templates to send, reports to print and send by email, custom actions, etc.
Define input segments that will select the items that should enter the campaign (e.g leads from certain countries, etc.)
Run you campaign in simulation mode to test it real-time or accelerated, and fine-tune itYou may also start the real campaign in manual mode, where each action requires manual validation
Finally launch your campaign live, and watch the statistics as the campaign does everything fully automatically.

While the campaign runs you can of course continue to fine-tune the parameters, input segments, workflow, etc.